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Twin Paradox


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Survey Questionnaire

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Assuming a classic Twin Paradox scenario in deep space
where the outbound relative velocity has the same magnitude as
the inbound relative velocity and the period of the turnaround
acceleration is arbitrarily small (as measured by each twin) with
respect to the duration of the round trip, please answer the
following about how the net proper time difference (NPTD) accumulates
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submission to work.

  • 1) Does the NPTD accumulate primarily during the constant velocity

  • 2) Does the NPTD accumulate smoothly during the constant velocity
    segments? [By smoothly, we mean that if the NPTD for the outbound or
    inbound segment is X, then, for example, for each 1/10th of that
    segment, 1/10th of X accumulates.]

  • 3) Does the NPTD accumulate primarily during the acceleration segments?

  • 4) If Yes to 3 above, does the NPTD accumulate primarily during the
    turnaround acceleration?

  • 5) Does half the NPTD always accumulate during the outbound segment and
    half during the inbound segment?

  • 6) What is the primary cause of the NPTD?

  • 7) If in question 6 above you selected Kinematics or Nature of
    relativistic spacetime, please provide the specific relativistic
    construct, characteristic or property that would distinguish this
    cause from some other theory’s spacetime related cause (e.g., a
    Preferred Frame Theory might hold that the “nature of spacetime”
    caused clocks to run slow as a function of velocity with respect to a
    special frame).

  • 8) If you did not select any of the causes listed in question 6 above,
    please specify the cause below.

  • 9) Does the Twin Paradox imply a special (possibly unknown) frame? (As
    Langevin and many other prominent physicists have claimed.)


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Physics-Special Relatvity-Twin Paradox
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