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41) New Thermodynamics - Part 3 - Climate Change

Kent Mayhew applies what he discussed in New Thermodynamics Part 1 & 2 (videos # 37 & 38) to Climate Change. Kent shows that the original, alleged cause of Global Warming could NOT have been due to human produced CO2 (e.g., from fossil fuel usage). Kent discusses the infrared spectrometry blunder and shows that a much more accurate factor of human-caused-warming is the amount of energy lost from all human endeavors. At the end, in the discussion period, there was general agreement on Kent''s new science including the dismissal of CO2 as cause of GW, however, some viewers questioned whether "the amount of energy lost from all human endeavors" was sufficient to explain Global Warming.

40) Three 3-step arguments showing that interpreting SRT as describing physical reality is invalid

Nick of Time leads a multi-person discussion of the three 3-step videos referenced in the title. The 3 very short 3-step videos are also shown in Nick of Time's videos number 21, 22 & 23, without any commentary, in this series. In this video, the three 3-step arguments are re-shown to an audience of physicists who have studied this topic in depth for many decades. While no flaws in the 3-step arguments were articulated, it was pointed out by all that other QED arguments, backed by tons of empirical data, proving the title thesis have been around for decades and, in addition, some of these older arguments focus on more fundamental flaws in SRT. Nick of Time fully agreed with these observations, but noted that the three 3-step arguments were developed to have impact as they were so simple and backed by well known empirical data that the usual relativist replies did not apply except for dismissing the arguments out of hand. Further discussion by all noted that , there has been no serious attention paid to "anti-SRT" arguments or to the empirical data by academia.

39) Bill Lucas discusses the evolution of the scientific method.

Bill Lucas is one of the most knowledgeable and creative physicists inside or outside of academia. Here he discusses the scientific method and how it declined in modern physics. Bill also discusses Poincare's Meta Theory and some breakthroughs in physics that will dramatically improve energy production.

38) New Thermodynamics Part 2

Kent Mayhew continues redefining thermodynamics in such areas as inelastic collisions versus elastic collisions, kinetic theory and the real cause of Global Warming.

37) Kent Mayhew Presents New Thermodynamics

After deep analysis and critical thinking about centuries old Thermodynamics, questions about the realities of Lost Work lead to additional insights on Entropy and the 2nd Law. The resulting changes greatly simplified Thermodynamics. The presentation contains many equations, but even the lay person can get the conceptual chnages to Thermodynamics.

36) Ian Cowan On MMX & A New Wave Equation

Ian Cowan presents a new analysis of the Michaelson-Morley Experiment and the resulting "new" EM wave equation. The short presentation is followed by a Q&A session where Harry Richter raises a most interesting question that leads to a most interesting discussion.

35) A presentation by Dr. Dennis P. Allen, Jr. concerning inertial propulsion.

Dr. Dennis P. Allen Jr. gives a brief history of inertial propulsion including the Boeing CMG inertial propulsion technology, the Veljko Milkovic oblique (that is, slanted) pendulum driven cart, the legendary Dean drive, and Elon Musk's SpaceX's apparent IP technology to keep their very low level communication satellites from falling from the sky due to orbital decay. The CNPS members' two invitation emails had an attempted computer simulation of this Milkovic cart as an attachment with the observation that this simulation failed because it was strictly Newtonian without any mention of energy (and so energy conservation) and his mechanics implies separate conservation of angular and linear momentum; but, in viewing the video of this cart in motion, one only sees the trading of angular swinging momentum for cart chassis linear momentum (because of bob centrifugal force) instead. And then the various alternative mechanics that might do better than Newton's here are briefly mentioned & discussed such as Davis Mechanics, Maurice Coulombe's patented mechanical device, Eric Laithwaite's IP devices, Harvey & John Fiala's important IP patent, and Gottfried Gutsche's more modern energy over momentum IP mechanics.

29b) The History and Future of Time in Physics - Part 2

29b) Part 2 is the 2nd in a 3 part series on the history and future of the construct of "Time" in physics. Part 2 looks at the transition from 19th century physics to Special Relativity and how it changed physics with a special focus on the construct of "Time".

29a) The History and Future of Time in Physics - Part 1

29a) Part 1 is the 1st in a 3 part series on the history and future of the construct of "Time" in physics. Part 1 discusses the history of how the essence of "Time" has been removed from physics - culminating in relativity. Parts 2 & 3 will be listed as 29b) and 29c), respectively.

29c) History of Time in Physics - Part 3 - Time Is A Non-Physical Human Construct

29c) Party 3 of "The Past, Present and Future of Time in Physics". This video replaces what were videos 33) & 34). This video, based on analyzing "Time" for 55 years, outlines my reasons for concluding that "Time" is purely a human mental construct that does NOT exist physically and should be replaced by processes unfolding WITHIN 3D space. I started by combining the original videos 33) & 34) on this topic and added some material and cut out much redundancy. I also cut out some lower priority issues that will be addressed in a future video. (Updated February 2021)